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2017 highlights

Tropicalia Prioritizes Economic Sustainability

Tropicalia leveraged its sustainable design, and 9 years of implementing socioeconomic and community development programs in Miches, to advance financing of the project with IDB Invest and International Finance Corporation (IFC).
Tropicalia Ranks Top Project for Development Impact by IDB Invest

Tropicalia received IDB Invest’s highest DELTA score of all projects approved in 2017; DELTA (Development Effectiveness Learning Tracking and Assessment Tool) is used to measure a project’s development impact and effectiveness.
Four Seasons Tropicalia Pursues EDGE Certification

Four Seasons Tropicalia commits to pursuing IFC’s Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) certification program for green building, in addition to LEED certification.
Tropicalia Receives Award - Solutionist Company of the Year

En Sociedad magazine of the Dominican journal Hoy recognized Tropicalia as the “Solutionist Company of the Year” for promoting luxury sustainable tourism.
Fundación Tropicalia’s Sustainable Tourism Supply Chain Program Draws to a Close

Fundación Tropicalia completed its fifth and final year of implementation of this great project for inclusive supply chains. We launched a website, mype.fundaciontropicalia.com, supported climate smart agricultural products, developed a business plan competition and training programs, created a new microfinance product and reached more than 1,800 people, among many other milestones. The project also received the UNWTO Award for Innovation in NGOs in 2017.
Fundación Tropicalia Strengthens Communities

In 2017, Fundación Tropicalia’s initiatives and programs served 852 beneficiaries, 63% of whom are women and young girls.
Soy niña, soy importante (“I’m a Girl, I’m Important” or SNSI) Breaks Records

Fundación Tropicalia celebrated the fifth year of the SNSI summer camp with the participation of over 300 girls and the creation of an Ambassador’s Network to help raise funds and give visibility to the program; the Network enlisted 19 program ambassadors in its first year.


Tropicalia is a sustainable luxury resort development created by Cisneros Real Estate, offering sophisticated architecture in a captivating and breathtaking site of diverse natural beauty in northeast Dominican Republic.